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Douglass Truck Bodies

7′ Low Profile Service Body

UNIT #: WK 32035

Body Specifics

In Stock in California:  7′ Low Profile Douglass Service Body with built in flip-top boxes, built for a 42″ cab-to-axle SRW GMC 2500. 

This truck is built with heavy duty mechanics drawers, fully adjustable shelving, and Equipto bolt bins. Additionally this truck features several security features such as a rollcover to keep items in your cargo area locked up and away from prying eyes, and a remote locking system that locks all your compartments with a push of a button. We also installed DriDek tiling on all shelving, bottoms of compartments, and in all drawers, helping keep tool noise and rattling down and drain wet items without them sitting in fluid. 

 Click on any of the items in the Equipment list below for more information on the individual upfits included on this truck. Use the Parts & Equipment link at the top of the page to see more available options.


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