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Douglass Truck Bodies

IN STOCK: 8′ Side Mount Welding Body

UNIT #: STK 2917

Body Specifics

This stock 8′ side mount welding body is ready to mount to an existing 56″ CA single rear wheel truck. 

This unit is built with a raised front compartment on the curb side configured for two gas bottle holders in a well that extends below the compartment floor level as well as two holders against the rear wall of the compartment. The driver’s side has a floor level front compartment allowing the installation of your welding unit of choice and still keeps a compartment below to store tools or welding hook ups.

Additionally this body has Equipto bolt bins, perfect for storing your fittings, connectors, lugs, and any other small item that needs to be stored and sorted. The body has already been painted Ford white, saving time if you have a Ford truck, but can be repainted to match the color of your current truck regardless of make, model, or color. Also this body has received protective Arma coating in the cargo area, protecting it’s surfaces from chips, dings, and minor fuel or chemical spills. This unit has a fork lift loadable ladder rack that can come with it that’s sized for a Ford F350 crew cab, or you can have your own custom rack made to fit your truck. 

You can cut your down time from your work truck considerably by taking advantage of this stock body that’s almost ready to roll out the door and get to work!


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