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Douglass Truck Bodies

Douglass 11′ Maximizer Crane Body

UNIT #: WK 51122

Body Specifics

In Stock in California: 11′ Douglass Maximizer Crane Body built for 84″ cab-to-axle DRW Ford F-550. The body is equipped with an Auto Crane HC-8X with FM controls. Fitted with mechanics drawers, adjustable shelving, and Equipto drawer units. Additionally this truck has Lawson style removable storage trays on roller slide, the trays can be taken out to a work site to keep all fittings or tools inside at hand directly where the work is. This truck as received a Vanair 300H unit, functioning as a compressor, generator, battery boosters, charger, and welder. Other up-fits include compartment lighting, Dri-Dek tiles on all shelves and compartment flooring, a remote pop-lock system, and a strobe system in the front and back.


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