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Douglass Truck Bodies

11′ Douglass Maximizer Crane Body

UNIT #: 64177

Body Specifics

11′ Douglass Maximizer Crane Body, built for a 84″ cab-to-axle DRW Chevrolet 5500, with an EHC-3 Auto Crane with power rotation, power extension to 11′, and a hard wired pendant controller. This body also features a lot of drawers, adjustable shelving, gas bottle holders, and equipto bolt bins. Additionally a John Deere compressor is mounted in the cargo area and area lighting was installed on top of the cab protector and the rear panels of the truck. A Wilton 1755 vise was directly mounted to the work platform, and tucked into the crane compartment is a 3kw power inverter and an air reel that pays out of the rear panel. 

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