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Douglass Truck Bodies

12′ Douglass Custom Canopy Body

UNIT #: 59909

Body Specifics

12′ Custom Douglass Canopy Body, built for a 84″ Cab-to-axle DRW International CV-515. Built from the ground up with the end user in mind, this traffic response truck features a Boss underdeck compressor/generator with in-cab controls, capable of 185 CFM of air flow and 6.6kw of electrical power. The underdeck system is supported with air reels with air quick connect ends located in the driver’s side and curb side front compartments next to cord reels with GFCI outlet ends. Additionally there are quick connects on the rear bumper that are shielded from impact by cover guards. 

All around the truck there are various scene, puddle, and flood lights capable of well illuminating the area around the truck. Topping the truck is a Nightscan light tower, extending up an additional 10′ of height and capable to direct each panel in different directions to cover as much of the area and the site with ambient light. All compartments also have interior lighting to allow full visibility inside of compartments even in the dead of the night. 

The driver’s side horizontal has custom pull out storage boards fitted to accept Holmatro extrication tools. The rear compartments have custom cone holders capable of deploying to a 45 degree angle and storage of 25 cones per holder. The back of the truck has storage for 22 deployable barriers to cordon off the area around a site. 

All compartments have GFCI outlets throughout to charge items stored in the body via the onboard power inverter or through a shore power plug located by the driver’s side wheel well. 


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