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Douglass Truck Bodies

9′ Custom Douglass Service Body

UNIT #: 58001

Body Specifics

9′ Douglass Service Body built for 60″ cab-to-axle DRW narrow track GMC 3500. This build has mechanics drawers, fully adjustable shelving, and ample amounts of Equipto bins for bolts, fittings, or other small items. All compartments have received interior lighting to illuminate the bins because you don’t stop working just because the sun went down. The rear of the body has a flat work platform with a chain and bench vise, and also has a small lockable storage box at the rear. The body has an extensively customized side mount rack with locked conduit storage, two side boxes on the rack, and a bevy of hooks and securing points. The driver’s side of the truck has flip top bins but the curbside does not, allowing for extra compartment storage inside the bins and increasing the Equipto storage on that size by an additional row.

Click on any of the items in the Equipment list to the left for more information on the individual upfits included on this truck. Use the Parts & Equipment link at the top of the page to see more available options.

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