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Douglass Truck Bodies

11′ Douglass Maximizer Crane Body

UNIT #: 47483

Body Specifics

11′ Douglass Maximizer Crane Body built for an 84″ cab-to-axle DRW Ford F-550. The body is equipped with an Auto Crane EHC-3 PRX crane. Built with the front two compartments on the driver’s and curb side at 60″ tall for additional storage space. In those front compartments we’ve built a welding compartment with lay down bottle storage for two bottles as well as rings and clamps, an ETL 500 tool lift, and two compartments full of mechanics drawers. Additional this build received three rows of eight equiptos for fitting and small item storage in a horizontal compartment, we built expanded metal floor for the bottoms of the work platform compartments, and a cargo box against the head board.

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