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Douglass Truck Bodies

Service Lineup

Service Bodies

When a Generic Bed Just Doesn't Cut It

Our Signature Service Bodies have continuously evolved since 1958. Whether you’re a plumber, electrician or contractor; we can build you a custom utility body to fit your needs. Made for you and the way you work, any size service body can be easily customized compartment by compartment for your unique trade. Add in the equipment you rely on, from compressor systems, specialized storage units, liftgates, and everything in between to build your perfect utility truck.

Our Latest Service Body Builds


Customize Your Service Body

Douglass Truck Bodies Mechanic Drawers

Mechanic Drawers

Upgrade any of your compartments with roll-out Mechanic's Drawers, built onto ball-bearing roller slides. Our drawers can be built to your height specifications.

Douglass Truck Bodies Service Platform

Work Platforms

Our most popular bumper configuration on mechanic’s trucks, our Rear Work Platform features two underbody boxes and a ¼” plate top for your toughest jobs. Platform are available in Flat and V-Notch configurations, and can be upgraded with pass-through storage below.

Douglass Truck Bodies Equipto Tray

Equipto Trays

For your small-parts storage needs, our Fastener Trays by Equipto can be added to any compartment, and are notched for dividers along their length to aid in organization.

Douglass Truck Bodies Quality

Sometimes a generic bed just doesn’t cut it. See why we are
a step above the competition

Douglass Truck Bodies Winch Service Body

Innovative Gear & Equipment

We offer a wide range of gear and equipment meant to enhance your truck body’s usefullness.


Innovative Gear & Equipment


Work Truck News

Sick of Working Out of a Pickup

  “The lumber rack is phenomenal, it’s bulletproof,” Jason’s rack had a run in with his local drive through car wash, “It didn’t even scratch the lumber rack!”  Unfortunately the same cannot be said for the car wash. “I’ve never…


A Daughter’s Keepsake

“It was like getting a piece of her dad.” Bert Clark’s wife Marsha is the daughter of our founder, Clint Douglass Jr. Retiring in June, Bert plans on doing a lot of golfing, fishing, and camping out of his deep…


Low Profile Surveyor’s Body

When Nathan with Lonnie A. Cross Land Leveling & Surveying came to us, he needed a truck body that could be flexible for all his different needs. “I use it for surveying, repairs, errands, inspections… pretty much everything,” said Nathan.…