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Douglass Truck Bodies

Air Systems Part 3: Off-Deck Compressors

When high-cfm delivery and and space requirements are critical to your work truck design, Off-Deck Air Compressors are the solution for you. They offer up high air delivery and virtually no wasted cargo space. This entry is the third part in a four part series about the wide variety of compressors Douglass Truck Bodies offers…

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Underground Leak Repair Unit

How many trucks does it take to fix an underground water pipe leak? You’ll need to call someone out to jackhammer through the pavement and dig his way down there. Once the hole is dug, you’ll need a pumper to drain the excess water. You’ll need a plumber to perform the repair itself. And then…

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Made in America

It’s a historical truth that the label “Made in America” carries a lot of weight internationally. It implies a product that has been built the American way: meticulously researched, carefully built, and produced by a company that will stand by it’s product.

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