Meet our sales department

To assist in designing your custom bed, contact a member of our knowledgeable sales team. We can work up your quote and many other details of your bed right over the phone. In-person consultations, and thorough measuring for especially custom units are also welcome. The salesperson oversees the entire process, and can keep you connected with the status of your bed throughout the entire manufacturing process.

We’re located at: 231 21st Street, Bakersfield, CA 93301

Customize the body to fit your needs
Before building begins, an AutoCAD operator can work out each detail of your unit for you to review, assuring that all your needs have been clearly communicated to the shop. Once you’ve approved the plans, these drawings are turned over to the shop, along with your itemized quote, to begin the fabrication of your bed.

Our precision process begins

Once your order is submitted, our shear operator takes raw material from the thousands of pounds of steel regularly trucked into our site and cuts each component of your body to size. From there it’s taken to our press brake to be formed into the panels and walls of each of your compartments. The individual panels are taken over to our box-building department to be manufactured into body sides. When the sides are complete, rough seams are ground down smooth. All our doors are built with a second, reinforcing inner-panel, and then hand fit and secured to the body every 2-1/2″ by rivet along a length of stainless steel piano hinge.

Once the sides are built and the doors are complete, the steel understructure and floor are put into place to assemble the two sides into one, final unit. For extra durability, several steel crossmembers are cut the full width of the body and run into the compartments, while another is run into the inside of the wheel well. Once the body has been assembled, our skilled fabricators go to work to install your specified compartment packages. Mechanic’s Drawers are built and their rollerslides are hand positioned. Special equipment such as Clamps for Oxygen, Acetylene, or Nitrogen are installed. Front and Rear Work Platforms are manufactured and mounted here.

Meeting DMV standards, then off to paint

The service bodies are then turned over to our Mounting team to be securely fastened to the truck. The bed is mounted using a combination of steel channel and angles, which meets or exceeds all requirements set forth by the Department of Transportation. Each body is sanded and prepped by hand before the PPG Del-Fleet Essentials High-Solids Primer and Paint is applied by our certified PPG technician. The polyurethane paint provides a stronger, more elastic coat than a typical acrylic paint, making it more resistant to flaking. Polyurethane also has a higher degree of ultraviolet resistance than acrylic, meaning less fading over the years thus providing a very durable finish.

Applying equipment & preparing for completion

Once the bed has been both painted and mounted, our team can begin the process of installing all the special equipment you’ve chosen, such as cranes, compressors, liftgates, welders, and canopy tops. We also offer Spray-On Bedliner and Leaf-spring Suspension upfits. Before the body is allowed to leave our shop, it must be put through an exhaustive detailing procedure. Triple-seal weatherstripping is applied, latches and drawers are placed in their final locations, and lights are wired.

Ready For Pickup!

Finally a truck that’s built to fit your needs!

The last step in the process is your final OK and pickup. Your salesperson will be on hand to go over the completed unit with you, and make sure you are totally satisfied that all your needs have been met.