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Douglass Truck Bodies


Vintage Welding Body, Circa 1962

At Douglass Truck Bodies we have over 55 years of experience building welding bodies.  Pictured above is a 1962 Dodge D300 1Ton featuring a Douglass side mount welding body; complete with umbrella holder, oxygen/acetylene storage and water can holder.  


Air Systems Part 3: Off-Deck Compressors

When high-cfm delivery and and space requirements are critical to your work truck design, Off-Deck Air Compressors are the solution for you. They offer up high air delivery and virtually no wasted cargo space. This entry is the third part…


OSHA Postpones Crane Operator Certification Requirements

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has announced plans to extend the compliance date for its crane operator certification requirement to November 10, 2017 in order to revisit the record on operator certification. The additional three years would, OSHA…


Reducing Fuel Consumption with VMAC’s UNDERHOOD70-G Compressors

VMAC’s Underhood line of compressors have always been an excellent solution to providing air while saving cargo space and eliminating the need to tow a trailer.  Their new G-Series line of compressors are taking it a step further, allowing you…


Camper Body, Circa 1965

Douglass Truck Bodies has been specializing in Custom Camper bodies for over 50 years. Shown here is one of our original custom Camper Bodies, built as a company demo in the early 1960’s on a fourth generation Ford F-250.  …


Low Profile Surveyor’s Body

When Nathan with Lonnie A. Cross Land Leveling & Surveying came to us, he needed a truck body that could be flexible for all his different needs. “I use it for surveying, repairs, errands, inspections… pretty much everything,” said Nathan.…


World Ag Expo 2014

February 11-13, Douglass Truck Bodies will be celebrating our 18th year at the World Ag Expo in Tulare, California.  Stop by and say hello to our sales manager Danny, we are located at Space T53 just north of building C.


Air Systems Part 1: Engine Driven Compressors

Designing the right onboard air solution system for your work truck can seem overwhelming at times. From air delivery needs for your specific tools, to space requirements, to cost, there are a lot of factors that go into picking the perfect compressor for you. Luckily, Viable options available for on-board air systems have advanced tremendously in the last decade, and Douglass Truck Bodies has worked hard to maintain a wide selection of options to make sure we can build an air system that fits YOUR needs.


Air Systems Part 2: Hydraulic Compressors

In a service body that already has a hydraulic pump, such as to power a hydraulic crane or aerial lift, Hydraulically Driven Air Compressors are a great option. Hydraulic air compressors offer a high cfm air solution tied directly to…