Air Systems Part 4: All-in-One Machines

If you are looking for more than just an air solution, but also a generator and welder, Vanair’s Air & Arc All-in-One Machines combine them into one compact unit, instead of having to sacrifice valuable cargo space for three separate machines.

This entry is the final part in a four part series about the wide variety of compressors Douglass Truck Bodies offers our clients. » Read More

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Sequoia National Park Circa 1962

Pictured here is a service truck built for the US Parks Department in 1962, stationed at the Sequoia National Park. » Read More

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1956 Ford Service Truck Restoration, Part 1

This 1956 Ford was one of the many trucks that made its way through Douglass Truck Bodies to be upfitted. This early demo truck was on display since its retirement, but unfortunately has fallen into disrepair over the decades. The time has come to revive this neglected piece of Douglass history and restore the body to its original condition. This is the first installment » Read More

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Like Father, Like Son

Morris Welding Service of Lowell, Arkansas works primarily in heavy equipment repair with a considerable amount of their work done in the field.  Practicality as well as efficient use of space were imperative when designing their mobile shop.  Joe Bill Morris II first came to Douglass back in 2000 to design and build their first body with those goals in mind.  When Morris needed » Read More

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