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Douglass Truck Bodies


Products (non-exhaustive list)

Go-Light Radioray LED

Durable and high performance lighting with remote control via panel or hand held unit.

HELIOS Thermal Imaging System

Detects as "white hot" & "black cold" with heat detection range of 1,500 ft.

Remote Controlled

Either from a wireless hand held remote or from a cab mounted panel, Go-Lights can be controlled and angled by the user remotely without having to climb into your bed and physically re-adjust them.

Performance and Innovation

  • Powerful spotlights for intense illumination.
  • Flood lens technology for work area illumination.
  • Utilize a combination of halogen and HID bulbs, LED’s, optical lens and reflector technology to generate extremely bright lights.
  • Thermal imaging for heat detection and enhanced vision at night.