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Douglass Truck Bodies

Vanair Underdeck Multifunction

The Genair combines the power of a 125 to 185 cfm air compressor with the convenience of a patented, integral 7,200 to 11,600-watt AC generator.  Maximizing the power of your truck’s engine by safely enabling you to access both pneumatic and electric power via your single PTO drive.

The V3 Multi-Drive System combines Vanair’s patented Genair system with an additional hydraulic pump.  Totally contained underdeck within the truck’s rails, the V3 replaces the need for separate engine driven air compressors, generators, power inverters, or separate hydraulic pumps.
V-TEC – Vanair Total Electronic Control
The V-TEC works with our full line of underdeck air compressors, generators and Genair® combination systems. Utilizing simple OEM “plug and play” connections, the V-TEC is designed to deliver over 50% faster installation, while providing complete diagnostic and speed control via an LCD control panel.

The V-TEC is now available with remote start/stop capability, allowing the operator to engage and disengage the PTO from up to 100 feet away. This innovation reduces fuel consumption by allowing complete shutdown and startup of the compressor system at the touch of a button versus having to wait for a convenient time to return to the vehicle.


 â€¢  Variable speeds
 â€¢  Two preset speeds
 â€¢  Load sensing
 â€¢  SAEJ1939 Communications
 â€¢  8 bit Microchip micro-processor


Monitoring Capabilities
 â€¢  Overall system check
 â€¢  Oil temperature
 â€¢  Air pressure

Built-in Safety

 â€¢  High oil temperature shutdown
 â€¢  High oil pressure shutdown
 â€¢  J1939 neutral safety system

Troubleshooting Assistance
 â€¢  Easy troubleshooting, automatically records and time stamps out of spec conditions
 â€¢  Maintenance record tracking

Maintenance Alerts

 â€¢  Visual maintenance indicators on LCD display