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Douglass Truck Bodies

Tommy Gate - Flatbeds/Box Vans

Tommy Gate offers a variety of liftgates for Flatbed and Box Van applications.  Read below for more detailed information on the available series.

   • Tuckunder Series: TKT
   • Railgate Series:
     (High-Cycle, Standard, Dock-Friendly)
   • G2 Series
   • Original Series

Tuckunder Series
Capacity: 2500 & 3000 lbs.
The Tommy Gate Tuckunder Series offers large platforms and high lifting capacities while also providing the convenience of folding and storing underneath the vehicle bed. Available with both treadplate steel and extruded aluminum platforms, these lifts are the most popular style of liftgates on the market.

TKT models address all the concerns a liftgate operator faces. With self-leveling and power down functions, the lift is easy and reliable. The large platforms it supports easily accommodate palletsized loads. And, the wide-arm, dual cylinder design assures sturdy and consistent lifting action.

Railgate Series (High-Cycle, Standard, Dock-friendly)
The Tommy Gate Railgate Series consists of expertly-engineered lifts that allow for higher weight capacities and deeper platform loading areas. The level-ride function and options such as cart stops and retention ramps make it the ideal model for heavy, sensitive, wheel-based cargo. Including more standard features than other railgates in its class and focused on safety in design, this series of lifts offers value to both owners and operators alike.

Capacity: 2500 & 3000 lbs.
High-cycle railgates come standard with safety trip bar, auto open and close, and recessed lights. Taper-integrated cart stops are optional on extruded-aluminum platform models.

Capacity: 1600 & 2000 lbs.
Standard model railgates employ a padded-slider system and are offered in both steel and aluminum frames.

Capacity: 1600 & 2000 lbs.
Dock-friendly models feature folding, RF platforms able to achieve non-obstructing positions for forklift or dock loading. Also included are a closure-assist torsion bar and maintenance-free bushings, making them some of the best liftgates ever seen in a loading bay.

G2 Series
Capacity: 1300 & 1600 lbs.
The Tommy Gate G2 Series is a dual-cylinder, parallel-arm design which utilizes a pair of hydraulic cylinders to lower and raise the lift by applying direct power to both sides of the platform. Supporting larger platforms, G2 Series models are compatible with flatbed, stake and van bodies and offer a wide selection of platform materials to accommodate almost any industry application.

Original Series
Capacity: 1000, 1300, & 1600 lbs.
The Original Series is a single-cylinder, parallel-arm design based on a cable and pulley system. This classic design is compatible with flatbed, stake and van bodies and offers a wide selection of platform materials to accommodate almost any industry application.