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Vanair Air n Arc 300H Air Compressor/Generator/Welder/Hydraulic/Battery Booster System

Equipment Specifics

The Air N Arc® 300 Hydraulic All–In-One Power System® features the innovation of being hydraulically driven, while still offering all the advantages of the Air N Arc® 300 engine drive system including a 40 CFM rotary screw air compressor, 300 AMP welder, 300 AMP 12V charger and 12V/24V booster, and 7 kW generator. Designed as a true two generator system, the Air N Arc® 300 Hydraulic allows simultaneous dual functionality such as welding and generator for lights for nighttime service. The system offers a small footprint for side pack or behind-the-cab mounting and is ideal for trucks with hydraulics already installed, such as crane trucks.

Drive System: Open Center Hydraulic
Hydraulic Requirements: 19 GPM @ 2800 PSI Multifunction/14.5 GPM @ 2500 PSI Single Function
Compressor Type: Rotary Screw
CFM Rating: 40 CFM
Max Pressure: 175 PSI
Generator Wattage: 7 kW Peak – 6.8 kW Continuous, AC Power, 60 Hz, Single Phase, 120V and 240V Outlets
Welder Amperage: High Frequency DC Welding, 270 AMPs at 100% Duty Cycle
CC: 40-300 AMPs Operating Range, CV: 15-30 Volts
Battery Charger/Booster: 300 AMPs 12V/24V Boost, 50 AMP 12V Charge

Unit Dimensions Foot Print (In.) – 48.7L x 21.0W x 30.9H

Dry Weight with Control Panel (Lbs.) – 621

Dimensions listed are not a complete representation of total space necessary.  Please consult Vanair for overall space and air requirements.

Product improvement is a continuing goal. Design and specifications are subject to change without notice or obligations.

Ratings above are approximate and are based on 120° F hydraulic fluid temperature. Add 400 PSI minimum to hydraulic requirements for hydraulic system peak pressure ratings. Machine hydraulic relief valve is set at 3200 PSI. Consult Vanair for specific details. Do not weld with the electrode holder connected to the negative port and the work piece connected to the vehicle. Bodily harm and equipment damage may occur.

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