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Douglass Truck Bodies

Raptor Power Inverter

Equipment Specifics

The newest generation of modified sine wave inverters are now available! The Raptor RAP line of inverters are manufactured from the ground up with quality components designed for vigorous use and continuous performance. These heavy duty efficient inverters meet the mobile power demands of daily commercial use – from the working professional, to those needing a fully mobile office, or those just needing an inverter that will meet the rigors of everyday use. With inverters covering the range of power levels from 225 Watts to 3000 Watts, there is a Raptor available to meet the mobile power demands of everything from laptops and cell phones; to a wide range of power tools; to semi, RV, marine and utility truck power requirements. The higher power Raptor Inverters (1000 – 3000) are also designed to deliver high surge for inductive loads such as motors and provide steady source of 120 VAC power.

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