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Ranger Combination Van Ladder Rack

Equipment Specifics

Ranger Design has a number of different styles of racks that can help tradesmen free up valuable interior cargo space while helping them work more effectively and safely. All of their van ladder racks are made of heavy-duty aluminum and are contractor proven tough. They work hard and pay for themselves by helping tradesmen save time and money.

All Ranger Design van ladder racks mount to the roof of a van and allow the ladder(s) to be safely stored and transported on the roof. This frees up valuable interior space giving you more cargo capacity for transporting more equipment and materials.

Displayed are the combination style van racks, made of multiple aluminum bars, with a 400 lbs capacity for 3 cross bars and 600 lb capacity for 4 crossbars. Please note that the number of combination bars included on these Ranger racks will depend on the wheelbase of your van.

For a complete catalog on all of Ranger Design ladder racks, click here!


Tough Van Ladder RackTOUGH: Military grade aluminum extrusion, high density plastic and stainless steel components ensure no corrosion over the lifetime of the rack.




Safe Van Ladder Rack SAFE: No metal contact to ladder, leading to longer life of ladders with less chance of fiberglass splinters.





Quiet Van Ladder RacksQUIET: Aerodynamic design with minimal wind noise.






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