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Douglass Truck Bodies

Boss Bullet G70 Air Compressor

Equipment Specifics

The Boss Bullet G 70 (p/n 20136) offers a high caliber performance from a high caliber machine. The Bullet is a fully self-contained, gas engine driven rotary screw air compressor. It’s capable of producing 70 CFM and 100 PSI continuously, with plenty of reserve. This is the most fuel efficient, quiet running, and maintenance free compressor in its class. It is available as either a skid mounted unit or wheel mounted.

*For higher altitude environments (5,000′ above sea level or higher), we offer an E.F.I. engine package that ensures proper performance. This is highly recommended when working in varying altitudes.


You also now have the option of adding 6.0kW of AC power to the Bullet G. You can get 70cfm @ 100psi or 6.5 kw of power. Want both air and power at the same time? No problem, with our multi-functional design you can get 30cfm @ 100psi and 6.5kW simultaneously.


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