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Douglass Truck Bodies

About Douglass

Truck Bodies Built to Fit Your Needs

Sometimes a generic bed just doesn’t cut it. Maybe you need a bed that is built to outlast the economy beds you’ve bought in the past, or survive the rough terrains you operate on. Maybe you need options; your specialized line of work requires all of your equipment to have an organized place, and only a custom bed will do the job for you. We can help you organize your compartments, offer you the specialized equipment you need for your job, and guide you with the experience that comes from a company that’s been family owned and operated since 1958. When you're ready to design a bed built to fit your needs, call or visit our sales team for an itemized quote, and to have a drawing created for your review

At Douglass Truck Bodies, we believe in building the greatest utility bodies possible. We strive to find the best materials, to come up with the most efficient designs, and to craft our beds with the highest level of workmanship. That spirit of quality manufacturing and building FOR the customer is what has driven Douglass Truck Bodies for more than 60 years.

Sometimes you need a bed that’s built to fit YOUR needs. Welcome to Douglass Truck Bodies. We look forward to working with you.

Clint Douglass Jr.


Clint Douglass Jr.

Founder of Douglass Truck Bodies Inc. A man of vision and leadership.

1925 - 2010


Douglass Family Business


Douglass Truck Bodies Incorporated has been a fixture in the Service Body and Work Truck Community since 1958, however the Douglass story truly begins in 1922. Relocating to California with merely $50 in his pocket, Clinton Douglass Sr. proved himself to be a true entrepreneur. His business ventures included property investment, partnership in oil leases, building canvas tops for cars, as well as selling used cars and trucks.

His son, Clinton Douglass Jr., returned from World War II where he was serving as a pilot in Europe and took over the family business selling used cars and trucks in 1946. In the early 1950's he started buying used cab & chassis from the telephone company, which required him to search out used pickup beds that he could install on the trucks before selling them. However, he soon found beds becoming scarce.

After a few months he remembered, "I had bought all the used beds I could find. At this point I wanted to try my hand at building a pickup truck body. Wanting something different than an average pickup bed, we decided to integrate side-locking compartments while retaining the normal pickup bed height." Thus the creation of Douglass Silhouette Service Body.

(1993 - Present)