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Douglass Truck Bodies

Air Systems Part 3: Off-Deck Compressors

When high-cfm delivery and and space requirements are critical to your work truck design, Off-Deck Air Compressors are the solution for you. They offer up high air delivery and virtually no wasted cargo space.

This entry is the third part in a four part series about the wide variety of compressors Douglass Truck Bodies offers our clients.

vmac-underhoodaircompressor underhood_vr70_installed

The underhood compressor from VMAC offers incredible CFM for their size. Available in 70 cfm and 150 cfm configurations, both VMAC models are 100% duty cycle and offer up to 175 psi operating pressure. VMAC’s are installed and powered by the vehicle engine, allowing it to be completely contained under the hood of your truck. Another benefit to this is that in harsh winter climates, the engine heat keeps the compressor from icing.

sidemountsm City of Stockton 007

Vanair’s underdeck compressors are mounted between the frame rails of your vehicle and are driven via PTO by your transmission. They can be configured to produce between 50 cfm and 1,000 cfm, while operating between 100-150 psi. The Vanair line also offers an optional add-on generator system and optional hydraulic pad provision.