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Douglass Truck Bodies

Reducing Fuel Consumption with VMAC’s UNDERHOOD70-G Compressors

vr70-G_2012_lrgVMAC’s Underhood line of compressors have always been an excellent solution to providing air while saving cargo space and eliminating the need to tow a trailer.  Their new G-Series line of compressors are taking it a step further, allowing you the convenience of an underhood compressor while shutting off your truck when not in use. This reduces both your fuel consumption and your carbon output, addressing the needs of both the cost-conscious and those struggling to meet the demands of stricter environmental regulation.

The new UNDERHOOD70-G system employs state-of-the-art Intelligent Design Controls, and allows the system to turn the truck off when air is not being used and then turn the truck back on when air is needed again.  This lessens fuel consumption, improves fuel economy, decreases engine operating hours, lowers truck emissions, reduces noise levels, cuts life cycle costs, and makes it easier to comply with environmental regulations on carbon output.

underhood_vr70_installedThe compact, powerful VMAC UNDERHOOD compressors offer 70 CFM at 175 PSI.  The rotary screw compressors design delivers more air than older, reciprocating piston style compressors, and since it runs at a 100% duty cycle, uptime is maximized.  Air-on-demand technology matches air output with air demand; as your tools require more air, the truck engine increases RPM to produce more.

To learn more about VMAC and their UNDERHOOD systems visit the VMAC web site or give one of our truck body experts a call at 661-327-0258.