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Safer Cranes through NexStar by Auto Crane

IMG_0754When it comes to operating cranes, safety is everybody’s first priority. With that in mind, Autocrane has developed the new NexStar series of proportional crane remotes, designed to give operators more precise control of their crane as well as warn them if the level of their truck or the status of their crane is unsafe.

The NexStar system gives the crane operator, the ability to operate multiple crane functions simultaneously, and with totally proportional control.  You are no longer limited to just one function at a time; you can boom out, rotate the crane and move the hook up and down all at the same time.  The multi-speed control provides the ability toNexStar_flyer_Page_1 operate the crane with 100% power at 4 different speed setting, and you can change speeds while lifting the load or rotating the boom.   This gives the operator precise control to place even the toughest load.

The receiver includes an LCD display screen that provides feedback on the overall operation of the crane.  In the event of some malfunction, error messages are displayed pinpointing the trouble spot.  This receiver also controls all system functions including hydraulic outputs, insuring repeatable and constant performance at all temperatures and loads.  There is a series of built in transducers and sensors, including dual axis sensors which illuminate a crane status indicator light if the vehicle is located in an unlevel position.

LCDThere is currently a work ready truck with a NexStar series 3203PRX in stock in Bakersfield now. To learn more about Auto Crane and their NexStar crane series visit Auto Crane’s NexStar page or give our sales team a call at 661-327-0258. We’ll be happy to help you find the right crane for your application.