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Douglass Truck Bodies

Service Body Cargo Protection by Rollcover


ISO NO 4Protecting the equipment you keep in the cargo area of your service body is an important concern. Whether at night in hotel parking lots while traveling, or while working on construction sites in high theft areas; your tools are expensive, and downtime from loss is even more costly. Douglass Truck Bodies offers a great solution to these concerns while maintaining durability, space, and overall protection: the Rollcover brand utility bed cover.

Made from interlocking extruded aluminum slats, the advantage of the Rollcover is its self-retracting, self contained, lockable design. Every Rollcover is made custom; your Douglass team will measure all the dimensions of your service body’s cargo area and determine the best fitting size for your particular application. Once built, your Rollcover will be shipped directly to Douglass Truck Bodies, where our team of experienced technicians will install the Rollcover for you. We make sure the cover works smoothly and is weather-resistant.

One attraction to the Rollcover is its compactness. Each Rollcover is built into its own storage box where the cover is rolled away into while not in use. The containment box is made of aluminum and is constructed to keep the cover and self-retracting mechanism safe. To operate, the cover is simply pulled from the enclosure along its guiding track into the closed position. When opening the Rollcover the user has two positioning options: either moving directly to the completely open position, or opening by using several incremental “pull-release” movements, thus engaging a series of preset open positions. The concept is that in bad weather, the entire cargo is not exposed to the elements when only a small portion of the bed needs to be accessed. The sleek look of the aluminum cover can not be mistaken. The cover is anodized to give the finish a long-lasting life cycle even in extreme elements.

The Rollcover is guided along two tracks mounted on each side of the cargo area. Theiso lft 1se tracks not only give the Rollcover its water resistant seal, but also provide positive guiding to ensure the cover doesn’t get wedged along its way to any of the closed positions. Notable in the design is the interlocking aluminum slats; each slat is connected to the next with a rubber, water tight link. These links combine each slat making up the entire cover.

Since each Rollcover is made custom, any Rollcover can be built up to 5’-6” wide and as long as 13’. The Rollcover not only looks great, but can be applied in multiple service body configurations; from standard service bodies to custom specialty bodies.

090520110909380ServiceUtilityBodyBodies00125[1]Building custom truck bodies is about fitting customers with the right products, not just in terms of options but also in terms of usability and durability. Douglass Truck Bodies represents this in every body we build and every option we offer our customer. The custom built Rollcover offers added protection to loss due to theft or weather damage in an application where few good solutions exist. To investigate this option further and get a Rollcover protecting your investment, call our office at 661-327-0258.