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Douglass Truck Bodies

Mobile Mechanic’s Bed

300320101010img017[1]When crews show up on job sites, time down for unexpected situations can be a costly oversight. Over the years, Douglass Truck Bodies has worked with clients to produce truck bodies that can handle almost any situation. This truck is the combination of customer preparedness and Douglass ingenuity to produce a time saving service set-up, while at the same time, maintaining all the advantages of a standard service body.


This 9’ Mechanic’s Body is nothing short of a fully mobile, complete repair shop. It was designed with front and rear work platforms, a 5000 lbs. capacity crane, oil service setup, pressure washer, an onboard air system, and an AC power setup. It was designed to be able to lift equipment, such as motors and pumps, up and out of their locations, where they can be easily repaired and maintained.

300320101010img019[1]Mounted on top of the front platform is a IR 30gal air compressor (12.5hp, 24cfm at 175psi), with an easy-to-reach remote starter. It is plumbed to the back of the truck, where a 25’ capacity, fully-enclosed hose reel is mounted under the back work platform. This durable setup keeps the hose reel safe,  and the air supply fully accessible. The fresh-oil tanks are mounted under the front work platform, both equipped with valve guns on a 5:1 ratio oil pump system, and self-retracting 50’ capacity hose reels. Fresh oil stays on-hand and easily accessible during routine service.

Built into the rear platform is a waste tank to make transportation of oil to a disposal site easy.

300320101111img007[1]In the cargo area a Hotsy hot-water pressure washer and 125gal water tank is mounted. The pressure washer unit is protected by a secondary headboard. The water tank is covered by a custom aluminum diamond plate cover. It not only protects the tank, but keeps it out of sunlight and reduces algae growth in tank. The hose reel for the washer is mounted in the curbside front compartment, and is used to clean machinery whose muddy or greasy condition might have otherwise made them impossible to be maintained on-site.

The onboard AC power system consists of a 3,000 watt power inverter, with direct wiring to the rear platform’s two (2) GFI receptacles, this provides on hand AC power for tools and lighting.


Lifting on this truck is a breeze with the 5,000 lbs. capacity hydraulic crane, power hydraulic outriggers and FM crane remote control. Additional springs are added to assist in lifting and load management.

Other equipment includes: Four 6,000lb capacity weld-in tie downs, 2-point latches, chrome grab handles, tow package, Oxygen/Acetylene rings & clamps, fourteen 250lbs. capacity mechanic drawers, eight “Equipto” pull-out parts trays, and 55w halogen work lights, color back-up camera system, tinted windows and aluminum rims.

300320101010img014[2]By using Aluminum tanks, covers, and rims, approximately 800 lbs was saved from the total weight.

Douglass Truck Bodies wants to be sure you get the most from your investment. We understand that being prepared is a primary goal when ordering a service body; your team at Douglass has the time and expertise to help you find the equipment to accomplish this goal.

To get started give our office a call; 661-327-0258 and one of our experienced salesman will help you get started.

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