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Douglass Truck Bodies

Remote-Controlled Lights by Golight


Working conditions are not always perfect and problems rarely occur between 8am and 5pm Monday through Friday. For this reason, investing in quality lighting solutions is important, because when you need to work in low light situations, your lights better be thereand the better work. Golight builds some of the most robust lights we have found. Offering several lighting options, Golight has a solution for almost any application, oil fields, heavy equipment, service units, Ag industry, military, police and fire departments, RV’ers, and hunting/fishing. Douglass Truck Bodies has been offering Golights to customers for years and with proven success, find out why Golight might be the best lighting option of you.

The advantage the Golight’s offer over other portable lights is their versatility; all Golights have motorized bases, giving you 370 deg rotation and 137deg tilt, so you can adjust your light where you needed it, something you can’t do with typical solid mount lights. Most Golights have options for wired or wireless controllers and permanent or temporary mounting letting you use your Golight where ever it is needed.

Golight is probably most well known for their motorized  light that was first produced in the early 90’s, since that time Golight has continued to improve their product and expand their market with the development of additional lighting solutions. Currently the most powerful light is the Stryker HID unit. HID stands for High Intensity Discharge, this light adds visibility at a mile away and only draws 3.5amp from your power supply. If you’re looking for the brightest spot light Golight makes this it. One key note about the new HID unit, Golight makes an upgrade package for your existing Stryker.

The Golight standard spotlights are a great solution for back-up lighting needs because of their portability and power. The Golight search lights boast a hefty 250,000 candle power and are designed to keep the light focused meaning at 656 feet from the bean source the light spread is only 88 feet wide. Keeping light directed in a narrow field means you’ll be able to spot objects faster and easier at greater distances.

Also on Golight’s product menu is the Helios, a heat sensing unit with remote dash mount screen. The Helios uses a 320 x 240 resolution FLIR Cam
era the system can easily see man sized targets from over 1500 feet. The Helios can connect toexisting monitors such as back-up camera monitor or a laptop. The Helios is a great solution for vehicles in remote areas dealing with diving in, fog, smoke, precipitation, and low light, especially around livestock and wild animals. In thedisplay heated objects are shown as ‘white hot’,   if want to be creative, you can even use it to monitor running motors on equipment from distance. The coolest part on the Helios is the internal core heater that prevents lens icing, thisshows that Golights are built to be used anytime and anywhere regardless of the weather.

If you’re looking for an area light for your work site, Golight makes the Smithlight a portable and rechargeable LED light. The Smithlight has 144 LED’s per side emitting 1480 Lumens in two directions has a 60° Adjustable Tilt Light Head boasts aRuntime of 10-12 hours 1-side, 5-6 hours 2 sides, the battery recharges in only 8 hours and can be charged from either 12v or 110v power source. Smithlights are portable and can easily be fit into a service body and the LED lightswontdamage during transport. The Smithlight is both UV and saltwater resistant and built from ABS.

To learn more about Golights and accessory options give our sales team a call, we can help you find the right light for your application. If an upgrade is what you’re looking for that isn’t a problem we can help you get you parts ordered and on their way. Call our office at 661-327-0258 or visit our web site for other truck body ideas and options.