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Douglass Truck Bodies

Air N Arc All-in-One Power Systems

When you set up your last service truck, what did you choose: to have a compressor, generator, and welder on hand? Or to actually have some storage space left in your cargo area? Did you know that you actually could have had it both ways?

Here at Douglass Truck Bodies, we’ve always worked to offer a wide variety of solutions for the professional work truck. One problem every client seems to wrestle with is creating a balance between the amount of heavy-equipment they can keep on hand with the space they need to make sure they have all their necessary parts and supplies. They may find that they have the fasteners they need but no compressor to run the impact tools to replace them, or they’re carrying a welder but didn’t have the space to carry the pipe fittings they needed to begin with. Each scenario ends up with wasted time headed back to the shop.

One line we’re proud to distribute is the Air & Arc line of all-in-one systems by Vanair. The answer for comprehensive on-site power, Air & Arcs are available in a variety of sizes and configurations. This system will fit in the space of a typical welder unit. The Welder/Generator/Air Compressor/Battery Booster combination packages are designed to mount into standard service bodies without body modification and allow the user easy access to controls. The systems, which run on a single engine, provide power up to 300 amps, 40 cfm and 10kW. They are available with gasoline or diesel engines and reciprocating or rotary screw compressors. Best of all, they’re manufactured right in the USA.


Recently, we had the opportunity to install a couple of Air & Arc 150s to a pair of units we were building that performed on-site service on rental equipment. The 150 boasts a reciprocating air compressor creating 20cfm at 150psi, a 5000 watt generator giving 110/220, and a welder producing 150 Amps high frequency DC/CC at 100% duty cycle. The 150 offers the choice between a Honda or Kohler motor, three available tank configurations (8gal, 30 gal, or remote), and the remote panel for easy access to all functions including start and stop .


A custom removable screen was built into the body to keep the unit protected. The curb side compartment has the remote operation panel mounted in it to keep them easily accessible, yet secure. The compressor was plumbed to an enclosed, under-deck 25′ hose reel. One particularly cool feature VANAIR has patented, is their welding leads. At the end of the lead they have placed an amperage dial. This feature allows the person doing the welding to adjust the amps while welding without walking back and forth to the truck.

Only a few years ago, getting all these features in one truck would have taken up the entire cargo area and left the user with limited access to any of his equipment.

To learn about VANAIR and the Air-N-Arc visit the VANAIR web site at – to see more pictures and read the full details about this mechanic’s bed, type 369 into the Unit Search Box at the top left-hand corner of this page. And when you’re ready for a quote on your custom service unit, give us a call at 661-327-0258.