Optimizing a “Standard” Bed

If your considering the option of an 8' service body, you might be relieved to learn that you don't have to settle for a basis cookie-cutter unit. The 8' body is the most popular type we sell and it isn't because they lack features. On a Douglass body you will find cranes, fluid systems, wet wells, work platforms, air systems, on-board power, and more. So don't settle for mediocre improvements get a Douglass; and have a built for your needs solution.

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DNA of a DTB

The name “Douglass Truck Bodies” has for decades been synonymous with exceptional beds. We’ve taken extreme pride in every bed we manufacture for our clients. Never ones to kick back on our name alone, however, we’ve always pushed forward to make sure our beds are constantly evolving and staying in front of the pack in terms of durability and reliability.

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Made in America

It's a historical truth that the label "Made in America" carries a lot of weight internationally. It implies a product that has been built the American way: meticulously researched, carefully built, and produced by a company that will stand by it's product.

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Remote-Controlled Lights by Golight

Working conditions are not always perfect and problems rarely occur between 8am and 5pm Monday through Friday. For this reason, investing in quality lighting solutions is important, because when you need to work in low light situations, your lights better be thereand the better work. Golight builds some of the most robust lights we have found. Offering several lighting options, Golight has a solution for almost any application, oil fields, heavy equipment, service units, Ag industry, military, police and fire departments, RV’ers, and hunting/fishing. Douglass Truck Bodies has been offering Golights to customers for years and with proven success, find out why Golight might be the best lighting option of you.

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