Air Systems Part 4: All-in-One Machines

If you are looking for more than just an air solution, but also a generator and welder, Vanair’s Air & Arc All-in-One Machines combine them into one compact unit, instead of having to sacrifice valuable cargo space for three separate machines.

This entry is the final part in a four part series about the wide variety of compressors Douglass Truck Bodies offers our clients.

Vanair’s Air-n-Arc line offers a range of combination units that span a large range of air delivery, AC power generation, and welding needs. Their smallest model, the Air-n-Arc 150, offers 20cfm @150psi, 5kw generator, and 150amp DC/CC 100% duty cycle welder. Their largest, the 300 series, offers 40cfm @175psi, 7kw generator, 270amp CC/DC, CV/DC at 100% duty cycle welder and a 300amp 12v batter charger, 12v/24v boost. It is also available with a Kubota Diesel motor or Hydraulically driven option.

Also available is the I-300, a 300 Series Air-n-Arc with a built-in hydraulic pump  capable of delivering 10.5 gpm, and up to 3000 psi to power your hydraulically-driven crane and outriggers.

All Air-n-Arc’s have optional remote panels that allow you to control you machine from the inside of a compartment, eliminating the need to climb into the cargo area to turn your unit on.

The team at Douglass Truck Bodies understands that deciding on the right machine is difficult, and we’re here to help. When you call our sales team we will walk you through where your compressor will be mounted, how your controls will integrate into the body, and most importantly we’ll make sure everything is designed with your needs in mind.