1956 Ford Service Truck Restoration, Part 1

This 1956 Ford was one of the many trucks that made its way through Douglass Truck Bodies to be upfitted. This early demo truck was on display since its retirement, but unfortunately has fallen into disrepair over the decades. The time has come to revive this neglected piece of Douglass history and restore the body to its original condition. This is the first installment in a multi-part series following the step by step process of restoration of an integral part of the foundation of Douglass Truck Bodies.

 A - Intro (1)      A - Intro (2)

IMG_00051      IMG_0004

Before the family business transformed into Douglass Truck Bodies, CC Douglass’ focus was used cars.  The shift between businesses was spurred when CC Douglass Jr recognized a need not only for utilty bodies, but more importantly a safer low profile truck body. CC Douglass Jr. decided to try his hand at designing and building a low profile service body to upfit used trucks with, for sale or lease to businesses. The 1956 was originally a telephone company truck, purchased in one of the many large used-vehicle orders of the time.

B - Condition (1)     B - Condition (2)

The first issue addressed was the corrosion that nearly 60 years of exposure had introduced to the chassis and engine compartment.

C - Stripping (1)     C - Stripping (2)

The truck had to be stripped down to the frame, and the engine removed for rebuilding.

D - Restored Frame (1)     D - Restored Frame (2)

The frame was sandblasted and powder coated, and the engine was overhauled and rebuilt.

In our next issue, we’ll spotlight the restoration of the cab.